Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Who wants a light bulb for a snack

Admittedly it has been a while since I posted about Trooper. I think it's a combination of him toning down the chaos and us staying more on top of him and his destruction. Although it's definitely more of the latter than the former. However it has not been without things not breaking. He has fairly well ruined the small couch, which I'll have to post about later and lately he has been trying to eat the Christmas lights off our tree.

Like many other people around this time of year we set up our Christmas tree in the living room. Trooper barked lick crazy the entire time we did it. We kept him in his crate and out of the way. Especially when I was bringing the tree up from the basement. Later when he calmed down we let him out and he seemed to do all right with the tree, sniffing at it but nothing else.

Of course with Trooper when you not looking is when he strikes. So far he has chew perhaps half a dozen led bulbs. I'm surprised that he doesn't get shocked when he does this. I'm also surprised and a little relieved that nothing bloody has come out of either end of him. Below is a picture of what is normally left. All the glass parts are gone and it's just the base of the bulb.

Sorry if the picture is a little grainy.

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