Saturday, October 12, 2013

Quest: be crazy and destroy the couch

The love seat in the living room is at one end so when Trooper gets crazy he runs back and forth through the living room and occasionally barrels onto the couch/love seat. Recently he broke a support in the back of the couch. Luckily the big couch is not in his running path, so it remains intact. A couple of days later he decided to attack the love seat when the cushions were off. He broke another support and tore a hole in the fabric.
I was at work at the time, lucky for Trooper. The rip was near the bottom of the back on the inside of the couch. Normally covered by the cushions. Kim cut along the whole bottom to look up in the back. The slats were not broken.
When I got home we took a look. The slates had come loose but were not broken. We maneuvered them back into place and re-nailed them. After using a staple gun to get the fabric back in place we put the cushions on done. Good as newish.
Trooper mission: fail.

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