Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cable? What cable?

I was working on the small stone wall for the garden in the front yard. I had Trooper on the tie out with me, hoping that it would help keep him away from the kids (ours and a couple of the neighbor kids). It only worked for a little while, until the kids migrated to the front yard. While playing in the front yard, they heard the ice cream truck.

The eldest girl took off down the side walk to the street corner a couple houses over to look for the ice cream truck. Trooper ever in play mode ran towards her and was stopped by his tie out cable, briefly. The next thing I knew Trooper was across the neighbor yard and on the side walk with the girl.

When I got him and inspected the cable and behold, one of the loops holding a clip had been severed.
I am certain this happened over a period of time, from him constantly pulling on his tie out. Below is both ends of the cable. The one on the right is still intact and the one on the left is the severed cable.
Upon further inspection I noticed the loop on the right was beginning to wear out as well. I suppose it was only a matter of time before that loop went. Needless to say this required buying a new tie out cable. I strongly considered buying the one for 250lbs dogs, but I felt the clips were a little too big. I ended up getting one for up to 90lbs dogs. He is currently 62lbs. Oh and he is connected to two tie out stakes at once now. He has pulled the one out of the grounds on multiple occasions.

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