Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mmmm waffles

What's better than waffles for dinner? Plastic waffles of course. We tell the kids to pick up their toys for a reason. After all bacon flavored plastic is like candy to dogs.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yes TV remotes are tasty

Last night we made the mistake of leaving Trooper unattended for a short time. My wife was making dinner and I was upstairs with our son. My son, Gunnar went downstairs to check on something. I heard him scolding Trooper for something. I didn't think much of it, because, well he's always doing something. When I heard my wife scolding him too I went downstairs.

And what did I find? The TV remote in pieces. The top half was separated from the bottom half with the circuit board was laying out. Everything looked intact, except that the buttons were missing. Given that the other pieces of the remote were nearby we can only conclude that he ate the buttons. We'll see if it comes out the other side.

While we did find it quite humorous, it's still very annoying and Trooper got a timeout in his crate. Not only am I a little mad about the destruction, now I had to get a universal remote which never work quite the same as the original remote.  Below is the top half and circuit board of the TV remote. Notice the missing buttons. The bottom half of the remote and the batteries made it into the trash.

About the Blog

This blog is dedicated to Trooper our 1 year old Boxer. From day one he has proven to be extremely energetic and destructive. He has eaten many things with various results, including several sticks of butter, drywall and an attempt at another dog's poo. I continue to advocate that he is crazy. And despite his overbearing roughness he is well loved by my son. So this blog is an attempt to chronicle the saga of Trooper.